Plaw, John

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Plaw, John (c.1745–1820). British architect and artist. He is remembered primarily for Rural Architecture: or Designs for the Simple Cottage to the Decorative Villa (1785 and five other editions), Ferme Ornée or Rural Improvements (1795, 1813), and Sketches for Country Houses, Villas, and Rural Dwellings (1800, 1803). These publications were among the first of the cottage and villa pattern-books that were so influential in the early part of C19. He designed a remarkable circular house on Belle Isle, Windermere, Westmd. (1774–5—burned 1996), based on the Pantheon; St Mary's Church, Paddington (1788–91); and several buildings in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, where he settled from 1809 (e.g. the Legislative Building and Court-House (1811)).


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