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pes (Lat.). Foot.
1. Name for the ten. in Eng. mus. MSS of 13th and 14th cents., also for 2 lower parts in Sumer is icumen in (as ground bass).

2. Synonym for podatus, a melodic figure in the old neum notation.

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pes (payz) n. (in anatomy) the foot or a part resembling a foot. p. clavus see claw-foot. p. planus see flat-foot.

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PES Acronym for programmable electronic system. A term used in certain official guidelines and standards to describe a complete computer-based system. For example in an industrial process-control application, the input sensors, the computer hardware and software, and the output actuators would comprise the PES.

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PES Chem. photoelectron spectroscopy
• Chem. potential-energy surface
• Computing programmable electronic system

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