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comp / kämp/ inf. • n. short for: ∎  a composition. ∎  a complimentary ticket or voucher. ∎  compensation. ∎  (also comp time) compensatory. ∎  a musical accompaniment. ∎  a comprehensive examination. • v. [tr.] 1. play (music) as an accompaniment, esp. in jazz or blues: if someone is comping chord changes, there are more textured harmonies | [intr.] he comps with an open, jangly sound. 2. give (something) away free, esp. as part of a promotion. 3. short for composite. • adj. complimentary; free.

views updated

compamp, camp, champ, clamp, cramp, damp, encamp, gamp, lamp, ramp, samp, scamp, stamp, tamp, tramp, vamp •firedamp • headlamp • wheel clamp •sidelamp • spotlamp • blowlamp •sunlamp •hemp, kemp, temp •blimp, chimp, crimp, gimp, imp, limp, pimp, primp, scrimp, shrimp, simp, skimp, wimp •chomp, clomp, comp, pomp, romp, stomp, swamp, tromp, whomp, yomp •bump, chump, clump, crump, dump, flump, frump, gazump, grump, hump, jump, lump, outjump, plump, pump, rump, scrump, slump, stump, sump, thump, trump, tump, ump, whump •ski-jump • showjump • handpump •mugwump