epoxy resins

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epoxy resins, group of synthetic resins used to make plastics and adhesives. These materials are noted for their versatility, but their relatively high cost has limited their use. High resistance to chemicals and outstanding adhesion, durability, and toughness have made them valuable as coatings. Because of their high electrical resistance, durability at high and low temperatures, and the ease with which they can be poured or cast without forming bubbles, epoxy resin plastics are especially useful for encapsulating electrical and electronic components. Epoxy resin adhesives can be used on metals, construction materials, and most other synthetic resins. They are strong enough to be used in place of rivets and welds in certain industrial applications.

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epoxy resin Group of thermosetting polymers with outstandingly good mechanical and electrical properties, stability, heat and chemical resistance, and adhesion. Epoxy resins are used as adhesives, in casting and protective coatings. Popular epoxy resins are sold in two separate components, a viscous resin and a hardener, which are mixed just before use.