Epp, Margaret Agnes

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EPP, Margaret Agnes

EPP, Margaret Agnes. Canadian, b. 1913. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, History, Travel/Exploration, Autobiography/Memoirs, Biography, Novellas/Short stories. Career: Freelance writer. Publications: Peppermint Sue, 1955; Jack Tandy of Baskatong, 1955; North to Sakitawa, 1955; Come Back, Jonah, 1956; Light on Twin Rocks, 1956; The Long Chase, 1956; The Sign of the Tumbling T, 1956; Thirty Days Hath September (short stories), 1956; Vicki Arthur, 1956; Sap's Running, 1956; Anita and the Driftwood House, 1967; No-Hand Sam, 1959; All in the April Evening (short stories), 1959; Mystery at Pony Ranch, 1963; But God Hath Chosen (biography), 1963; Come to My Party (adult non-fiction), 1964; The Brannans of Bar Lazy B, 1965; A Fountain Sealed (novel), 1965; The North Wind and the Caribou, 1966; Jungle Call, 1966; Trouble on the Flying M, 1966; Search Down the Yukon, 1967; Walk in My Woods (autobiography), 1967; Prairie Princess, 1967, as Sarah and the Magic Twenty-Fifth, 1977; The Princess and the Pelican, 1968, as Sarah and the Pelican, 1977; This Mountain Is Mine (biography), 1969; The Princess Rides a Panther, 1970, as Sarah and the Lost Friendship, 1979; No Help Wanted, 1968; Call of the Wahoe (children's short stories), 1971; The Great Frederick (children's short stories), 1971; Runaway on the Running K, 1972; Into All the World (travel), 1973; The Earth Is Round (historical novel), 1974; Proclaim Jubilee! (history), 1976; 8 Tulpengasse (adult non-fiction), 1978; Sarah and the Mystery of the Hidden Boy, 1979; Sarah and the Darnley Boys, 1981; Sarah and the Persian Shepherd, 1982; Chariots in the Smoke (historical novel), 1990. Address: P.O. Box 178, Waldheim, SK, Canada S0K 4R0.