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cesspoolBanjul, befool, Boole, boule, boules, boulle, cagoule, cool, drool, fool, ghoul, Joule, mewl, misrule, mule, O'Toole, pool, Poole, pul, pule, Raoul, rule, school, shul, sool, spool, Stamboul, stool, Thule, tomfool, tool, tulle, you'll, yule •mutule • kilojoule • playschool •intercool • Blackpool •ampoule (US ampule) • cesspool •Hartlepool • Liverpool • whirlpool •ferrule, ferule •curule • cucking-stool • faldstool •toadstool • footstool • animalcule •granule • capsule • ridicule • molecule •minuscule • fascicule • graticule •vestibule • reticule • globule •module, nodule •floccule • noctule • opuscule •pustule • majuscule • virgule

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cesspool excavation in the bottom of a drain to retain solid matter XVII; well to receive soil from privies, etc. XVIII. perh. alt., with assim. to POOL 1, of cesperalle, susprall, suspirel settling tank, cesspool (XVI), vars. of †suspiral vent, esp. of a conduit, water-pipe — OF. souspirail (mod. soupirail) air-hole, f. sou(s)pirer (L. suspīrāre) SUSPIRE + L. spiraculum air-hole.
Hence cesspit XIX.

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cess·pool / ˈsesˌpoōl/ • n. an underground container for the temporary storage of liquid waste and sewage. ∎ fig. a disgusting or corrupt place.