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chop·per / ˈchäpər/ • n. 1. a person, tool, or machine that chops. ∎  a butcher's cleaver. ∎  a device for regularly interrupting an electric current or a beam of light or particles. ∎  (choppers) inf. teeth.2. inf. a helicopter.3. inf. a motorcycle, esp. one with high handlebars and the front-wheel fork extended forward.4. Baseball a batted ball that makes a high bounce after hitting the ground in fair territory.


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Chopper ★★½ 2000

Biopic of famous Aussie criminal Mark “Chopper” Read is highlighted by Bana's extraordinary performance in the title role. Dominik's directorial debut follows Read's career from prison, where he murders one inmate, forces another to cut off his ears, and generally makes hardened criminal fear for their lives, to his old haunts, where he seeks revenge for past wrongs. Full of gore and ultraviolence, it's not for the sqeamish, but it does make its point about society's preoccupation with the “celebrity criminal.” Read didn't participate in the production, but it was based on his nine bestsellers, and he did suggest Bana for the lead. 94m/C DVD . AU Eric Bana, Vince Colosimo, Simon Lyndon, David Field, Daniel Wyllie, Bill Young, Garry Waddell, Kate Beahan, Kenny Graham; D: Andrew Dominik; W: Andrew Dominik; C: Geoffrey Hall; M: Mick Harvey. Australian Film Inst. '00: Actor (Bana), Director (Dominik), Support. Actor (Lyndon).