Chorafas, Dimitris N.

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CHORAFAS, Dimitris N.

CHORAFAS, Dimitris N. Greek, b. 1926. Genres: Administration/Management, Business/Trade/Industry, Communications/Media, Engineering, Information science/Computers, Money/Finance. Career: Consultant in private practice; teacher, author. Publications: Operations Research for Industrial Management, 1958; Statistical Processes and Reliability Engineering, 1960; The Functions of Research in the Enterprise, 1960; Computer Theory, 1960; Computer Applications in Industry and Commerce, 1961; Programming Systems for Electronic Computers, 1962; Industrial Strategy, 1962; New Methods of Economic Analysis, 1963; The Influence of the Computer on the Organization, 1964; Systems and Simulation, 1965; Control Systems Functions and Programming Approaches, 2 vols., 1966; La Direction des Produits Nouveaux, 1967; An Introduction to Product Planning, 1967; Sales Engineering, 1967; Managing Industrial Research for Profits, 1967; Selecting the Computer System, 1967; Developing the International Executive, 1967; The Knowledge Revolution, 1968; How to Manage Computers for Results, 1969; The Communication Barrier in International Management, 1970; Management Development, 1971; Information Systems Design, 1972; Computers in Medicine, 1972; Warehousing, 1973; Management Planning, 1973; Die Kranke Geselschaft, 1974; Microform and Computer Output to Microfilm, 1976; Computer Networks for Distributed Information Systems, 1980; Data Communication, 1980; Interactive Videotex, 1981; Office Automation, 1982; Money: The Banks of the 1980's, 1982; Information Systems in Financial Institutions, 1983; Microprocessors for Management, 1983; DBMS for Distributed Computers and Networks, 1983; Local Area Networks, 1984; Telephony, Today and Tomorrow, 1984; Software Handbook, 1985; Interactive Message Services, 1985; Handbook of Data Communications, 1986; Fourth and Fifth Generation Languages, 2 vols., 1986; Personal Workstations for Greater Productivity, 1986; Interactive Workstations, 1986; Engineering Productivity through CAD/CAM, 1987; The New Communications Disciplines, 1987; Applying Expert Systems in Business, 1987; Engineering Databases, 1988; Electronic Funds Transfer, 1988; (with H. Steinmann) High Technology at UBS, 1988; Implementing Networks for Banks and Financial Institutions, 1988; Handbook of Relational Databases and DBMS, 1989; Bank Profitability, 1989; Local Area Networks, 1989; System Architecture and System Design, 1989; New Technologies, 1989; Knowledge Engineering, 1989; Intelligent Networks, 1990; Supercomputers, 1990; The Handbook of Management, 1990; Risk Management in Financial Institutions, 1990; Expert Systems in Banking, 1991; Expert Systems in Manufacturing, 1992; Using High Technology in Foreign Exchange and the Treasury Business, 1992; Treasury Operations and the Foreign Exchange Challenge, 1992; Simulation, Optimization and Expert Systems in Securities Trading, 1992; The Globalization of Money and Securities, 1992; The New Information Technologies, 1992; (with E.M. Binder) Technoculture and Change, 1992; (with H. Steinmann) Object-Oriented Databases, 1993; Measuring Return on Technology Investments, 1993; Financial Models and Simulation, 1995; Derivative Financial Instruments, 1995; (with H. Steinmann) An Introduction to Communications Networks and the Information Superhighway, 1996; How to Understand and Use Mathematics for Derivatives, Vol., 1, 1995, Vol. 2, 1996; Rocket Scientists in Banking, 1996; Managing Derivatives Risk, 1996; The Money Magnet, 1996; Protocols, Servers and Projects, 1997; High Performance Networks, Mobile Computing and Personal Communications, 1997; Visual Programming Technology, 1997; Network Computers versus High Performance Computers, 1997; Internet Financial Services, 1998; Transaction Management, 1998; Agent Technology Handbook, 1998; Cost-Effective IT Solutions for Financial Services, 1998; The Market Risk Amendment, 1998; Understanding Volatility and Liquidity in Financial Markets, 1998; Commercial Banking Handbook, 1999; Setting Limits for Market Risk, 1999; Credit Derivatives and the Management of Risk, 2000; Managing Credit Risk, 2 vols., 2000; New Regulation of the Financial Industry, 2000; Reliable Financial Reporting and Internal Control, 2000; Managing Risk in the New Economy, 2001; Implementing and Auditing the Internal Control System, 2001; Managing Operational Risk, 2001; Internet Supply Chain, 2001; Integrating ERP, CRM, Supply Chain Management and Smart Materials, 2001; Enterprise Architecture and New Generation Information Systems, 2002; Liabilities, Liquidity, and Cash Management, 2002; The Management of Philanthropy in the 21st Century, 2002; Modelling the Survival of Financial and Industrial Enterprises, 2002; Outsourcing, Insourcing and IT for Enterprise Management, 2003; Stress Testing: Risk Management Strategies for Extreme Events, 2003; Alternative Investments and the Mismanagement of Risk, 2003. Address: Villa Romantic, 6354 Vitznau, Switzerland.