Zuta, Ḥayyim Aryeh

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ZUTA, ḤAYYIM ARYEH (1868–1939), pioneer of Hebrew education in Ereẓ Israel. Born in Kovno, Lithuania, he was one of the first Hebrew teachers in Russia to employ the Ivrit be-Ivrit ("Hebrew in Hebrew") system. In 1903 he went to Ereẓ Israel, where he taught in various educational institutions (mainly in Jerusalem) and was a founder of the modern Hebrew school system in the country.

He published articles on Hebrew education and schools and wrote a number of textbooks and stories. His book Dark-hei ha-Limmud shel ha-Tanakh ("Teaching the Bible," 2 vols., 1935–37) is a major work of Hebrew didactics. Be-Reshit Darki ("The Beginning of My Way," 1934) are memoirs of his career as a teacher. His short stories were collected in Kitvei Ḥayyim Aryeh Zuta, 3 vols. (1931).


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