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ZHURAVNO (Pol. Zurawno ), town in E. Drogobych district, Ukraine. In the early 18th century a Jewish community was organized in Zhuravno under the jurisdiction of the Lvov community. The Jews traded in wood and grain, and manufactured spirits. In 1765, 566 Jews paid the poll tax. The Jewish population numbered 2,197 (69% of the total) in 1880; 1,665 (61%) in 1890; 1,546 (53%) in 1900; and 1,338 (48%) in 1910. The hasidic movement of the nearby city of *Zhidachov greatly influenced the community. Between the world wars the town was included in Poland. In that period the Jewish population decreased, numbering only 867 (45%) in 1921.

[Shimshon Leib Kirshenboim]

Holocaust Period

On the outbreak of World War ii there were about 1,300 Jews in Zhuravno. On Sept. 5, 1942, 500 Jews were deported to *Belzec death camp. On Sept. 29, 1942, the Jews were expelled to *Stry and shared the fate of that community. The remaining Jews were killed in Zhuravno in June 1943. After the war the Jewish community was not reconstituted.


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