Wallenrod, Reuben

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WALLENROD, REUBEN (1899–1966), Hebrew writer on American Jewish life. Born in Vizno, Belorussia, he emigrated to Ereẓ Israel in 1920, but shortly afterward left to study in France and the United States. Wallenrod served as instructor and later professor of Hebrew literature at Brooklyn College in New York. From 1929, he frequently contributed stories and essays to Hebrew periodicals.

His novels Ki Fanah Yom (1946; Dusk in the Catskills, 1957) and Be-Ein Dor (At Ein Dor, 1953), as well as his collections of short stories Ba-Deyotah ha-Shelishit (1938) and Bein Ḥomot New York (1952), describe the life of immigrant Jews in the United States and their difficulty in adjusting to their new surroundings. Among his works are essays and literary criticism Mesapperei Amerikah (1958), a travelogue Derakhim va-Derekh (1951), and others. He was coauthor, with Abraham Aharoni, of Fundamentals of Hebrew Grammar (1949) and Modern Hebrew Reader and Grammar (1945). In English he wrote The Literature of Modern Israel (1956) and in French, Dewey, l'éducateur (1932).


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