Vessillo Israelitico

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VESSILLO ISRAELITICO , Italian Jewish monthly review founded in 1875, superseding Educatore Israelita. It was edited until its closure in 1921 by Rabbi Flaminio Servi and then by his son Ferruccio. Imbued with an Italian national revival vision of Italian Judaism, the review – especially when the editor was Flaminio Servi – opposed the penetration of the Zionist movement's influence among the ranks of Italian Jewry. In this way, the Vessillo Israelitico took sharp issue with the Corriere Israelitico and with Israel, which supported Zionism. The effects of World War i (and last but not least the Balfour Declaration) brought about the end of that specific cultural environment within Italian Judaism from which Vessillo drew its readers.


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[Massimo Longo Adorno (2nd ed.)]