Theresia, Bl.

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Born c. 1178, daughter of Sancho I of Portugal; died Lorvão, June 17, 1250. Theresia's marriage, despite papal objections, to her cousin Alfonso IX of León (1191) was annulled c. 1196. She and her sister sancia, Cistercians, refused to surrender castles in Portugal to their brother Alfonso II (121123). In 1230 she renounced her daughters' rights to succeed Alfonso IX. She founded Cistercian cloisters at Lorvão, where she and Sancia are buried, and at Villabuena, where her daughters, also Cistercians, are buried. She and Sancia were beatified in 1705. She is discussed in the chronicles of Roger of Hoveden, Lucas of Tuý, and Rodrigo ximenez.

Feast: June 17.

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