Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey

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Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey ★★★ 1995 (PG)

Profiles the life of Russian scientist Leon Theremin (who died in 1993), founder of electronic music, and his revolutionary musical invention, the Theremin. Martin located the 95-year-old Theremin in Moscow in 1991, interviewed him on camera, then brought him back to the U.S. to film reunions with friends and colleages he hadn't seen in 50 years. Martin's focus is on the impact of the Theremin on Hollywood movie scores heard in ‘50s sci-fi and thriller classics (“The Day the Earth Stood Still”) and in popular music (The Beach Boys' “Good Vibrations” is commented on by Brian Wilson). Theremin's life proves as curious as his instrument, with his controversial interracial marriage to a ballet star, abduction by Russian agents, and imprisonment in a Soviet mental hospital. “Theremin” provides a fascinating and heartfelt tribute to the man's work and life. 84m/C VHS, DVD. D: Steven M. Martin; W: Steven M. Martin; C: Robert Stone, Edward Lachman, Chris Lombardi; M: Hal Willner.

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Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey

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