Tchernowitz-Avidar, Yemimah

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TCHERNOWITZ-AVIDAR, YEMIMAH (1909–1998), Israeli author of children's books, daughter of Samuel *Tchernowitz. Born in Vilna, she immigrated to Palestine in 1921. She published stories, poems and legends for children in Eden (ed. by D. *Persky), as well as stories about Argentinian Jewry. She wrote a regular column for children in the newspaper Davar and many popular books for children. Among these are Muki (1943); Eḥad Mishelanu (1947), Shemonah be-Ikvot Eḥad (1945). Rama Zuta edited Tchernowitz-Avidar's diaries of the years 1919–1936 (2004). For English translations of her work see Goell, Bibliography, 2575–2580, 3139–42.

Her husband, Yosef Avidar (1906–1995), was deputy chief of the General Staff of the Haganah in 1946 and later deputy chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces. He was Israel ambassador to Moscow (1955–58) and Buenos Aires (1960–65), and controller of the Histadrut (1968–71). He is author of the book The Party and the Army in the Soviet Union (1985).

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