Tchernaiev, Mikhail Grigoryevich

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Mikhail Grigoryevich Tchernaiev (mēkhəyēl´ grĬgôr´yəvĬch chĬrnyī´əf), 1828–98, Russian general and Pan-Slavist. Sent on a minor mission to central Asia in 1864, he exceeded his instructions and conquered (1865) Tashkent, principal city of the Muslim khanate of Kokand. His action precipitated further Russian expansion in central Asia. Because of his adventurous deeds, however, he was forced to retire from the army. As the owner of a periodical, he was an ardent exponent of Pan-Slavism. When Serbia went to the aid of Balkan rebels against Turkey (1876), he offered his services to the Serbs and was given command of Serbian forces, but was defeated. From 1882 to 1884 he was governor-general of Russian Turkistan.