Tawrizi, Judah Meir ben Abraham

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TAWRIZI, JUDAH MEIR BEN ABRAHAM (d. before 1646), Karaite physician and author living in Jerusalem. His works comprise an Arabic commentary on the Book of Esther, in which he frequently quotes *Rabbanite authors and cites Rabbanite customs, and mentions the *blood libel; and glosses to the code of Karaite law (entitled al-Murshid) of *Samuel al-Maghribī, in which he too refers to Rabbanite codes. He also composed Hebrew liturgical hymns. The appellation Tawrīzī (less correctly Taurīzī) is said to be a dialectal form of Tabrīzī, indicating that the family originated in the Persian city of *Tabriz. Judah Meir's son, abraham meir, also practiced medicine and wrote liturgical poetry.


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