Tawa, Nicholas E.

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TAWA, Nicholas E.

TAWA, Nicholas E. American, b. 1923. Genres: Music. Career: University of Massachusetts at Boston, assistant professor, 1965-70, associate professor, 1970-77, professor of music, 1977-; writer. Publications: Sweet Songs for Gentle Americans, 1980; A Sound of Strangers: Musical Culture, Acculturation, and the Post-Civil War Ethic, 1982; A Music for the Millions: Antebellum Democratic Attitudes and the Birth of American Popular Music, 1984; Serenading the Reluctant Eagle: American Musical Life during Crisis, 1925- 1945, 1984; A Most Wondrous Babble: American Art Composers, Their Music, and the American Scene, 1950-1985, 1987; Art Music in the American Society: The Condition of Art Music in the Late Twentieth Century, 1987; (ed.) American Solo Songs, 2 vols., 1989; The Way to Tin Pan Alley, 1990; The Coming of Age of American Art Music: New England's Classical Romantics, 1991; The Transitional American Composers of the Early Twentieth Century, 1992; American Composers and Their Public: A Critical Look, 1994; Arthur Foote: A Musician in the Frame of Time and Place, 1997; HighMinded and Low-Down: Music in the Lives of Americans, 1800- 1861, 2000; From Psalm to Symphony: A History of Music in New England, 2001. Address: 69 Undine Rd, Boston, MA 02135-3811, U.S.A.