Tabib, Mordekhai

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TABIB, MORDEKHAI (1910–1979), Hebrew writer. Born in Rishon le-Zion, Ereẓ Israel, Tabib worked in agriculture, industry, building, and guard duties. During World War ii, he served in the British Army and later, during the War of Independence, was engaged in editorial work for the Israel Defense Forces. He was active in the central institutions of the *Histadrut and *Mapai and served in the Arab section of the Histadrut.

His first published poems and prose appeared, respectively, in *Davar and in Ittim, and his stories in various Hebrew periodicals. Of Yemenite origin, his books which deal with the Yemenite community in Israel are Ke-Esev ha-Sadeh (1948; 1960), Derekh shel Afar (stories, 1953), and Ke-Arar be-Aravah (1957). He also wrote the play Kinnoro shel Yosi (1959) and a one-act play in the style of Bialik, Shelomo ha-Melekh va-ha-Devorah (1960). His book Massa la-Areẓ ha-Gedolah (1968) contains ten stories and a poem. Tabib was one of the editors of Mevo'ot (1953–56). With M. Ibrahim, he coedited Mifgash (1968), a Hebrew-Arabic anthology of essays on literature, art, and philosophy. A volume of stories was published after his death (1985) as well as Beẓel ha-Yamim (1987), a collection of poems and letters.


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