Suzin, Solomon Moses

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SUZIN, SOLOMON MOSES (d. 1835), rabbi of Jerusalem. Suzin was appointed rishon le-Zion in 1824 as the successor of Yom Tov Danon. He did a great deal for the Jewish population of Jerusalem, and held the position until his death. He was responsible for a considerable number of takkanot and his approbations are included in many contemporary works. From them it would appear that at first he lived in Hebron. In 1826 he proceeded to the countries of North Africa as an emissary of Jerusalem.

He was the author of Pinkas le-Inyenei Halakhah (Jerusalem, National Library, Heb. 8° 378), halakhic novellae on various subjects. The work contains much material on the comtemporary history of Ereẓ Israel in general and of Jerusalem in particular. A number of his responsa are published in the works of the scholars of his day.


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