Suwalski, Isaak

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SUWALSKI, ISAAK (1863–1913), Hebrew writer and editor. He was born in Kolno, Lomza province, and from 1881 contributed articles to the Hebrew press (Ha-Levanon, Ha-Ẓefirah, Ha-Meliẓ), written in the spirit of religious orthodoxy. In 1890–91 he published in Warsaw a literary collection, Keneset ha-Gedolah. His book Ḥayyei ha-Yehudi al pi ha-Talmud (1889) gathered talmudic sayings, arranged by subject matter, that reflect the sages' views of man and society. This collection went through several editions and was translated into German and Danish. In 1895 he migrated to London where he single-handedly established the Hebrew weekly Ha-Yehudi (1897–1913), of which he was publisher, editor, compositor, and staff writer. He also dealt in Hebrew books and organized charitable institutions in the Jewish quarter in the East End of London.


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