Strisower, Leo

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STRISOWER, LEO (1857–1931), Austrian jurist. Born in Brody, Galicia, Strisower was appointed lecturer in international law at the University of Vienna in 1908. He rose to become full professor in 1924 and was made president of the Institut de Droit International. He represented Austria in a number of international arbitrations. Strisower was an active supporter of Jewish student organizations in Vienna. At the time of his death he was engaged in preparing a critical analysis of the legality of the British White Paper on Palestine of 1931.

The author of several books and articles on international law, Strisower's publications include Der Krieg und die Voelkerrechtsordnung (1919), and "L'Exterritorialité et ses principales applications," in: Académie de Droit International de La Haye, Receuil des Cours, 1 (1923).


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[Josef J. Lador-Lederer]