Strobel, Heinrich

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Strobel, Heinrich

Strobel, Heinrich, eminent German musicologist, music critic, and administrator; b. Regensburg, May 31, 1898; d. Baden-Baden, Aug. 18, 1970. He studied musicology with Sandberger and Kroyer and theory with H.K. Schmidt at the Univ. of Munich (Ph.D., 1922, with the diss. Johann Wilhelm Hässlers Leben und Werke). He was music critic of the Thüringer Allgemeine Zeitung in Erfurt (from 1921) and of the Börsenkurier (1927-33) and Tageblatt (1934-38) in Berlin; also was the ed. of Melos (1933-34) and of the Neue Musikblatt (1934-39). In 1939 he went to Paris; in 1946 he returned to Germany and again became ed. of Melos; that same year, he also was made director of music at the South West Radio in Baden-Baden; in 1956 he became chairman of the ISCM He devoted himself energetically to the cause of modern music; wrote numerous articles on the subject; promoted programs of avant-garde composers on the radio and at various festivals in Germany.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire