Strick, Joseph

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STRICK, JOSEPH (1923– ), U.S. film director and producer. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Strick started his career with documentaries and later applied documentary realism to feature films. He gained a reputation with such films as Muscle Beach (1948), The Big Break (produced, 1950), The Savage Eye (wrote and produced, 1960), and The Balcony (produced, 1963). The outstanding example of his method was Ulysses (wrote and produced, 1967), a version of the novel by James Joyce. He directed Tropic of Cancer (1970), Interview with My Lai Veterans (1971), Road Movie (1974), A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1977), and Criminals (1996).

Strick also produced The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle (1967); Ring of Bright Water (1969), a film based on Gavin Maxwell's book on porpoises; The Darwin Adventure (1972); and Never Cry Wolf (1983). He co-produced the tv movie Survive the Savage Sea (1992).

[Ruth Beloff (2nd ed.)]