Cancer, Tropic of

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Cancer, Tropic of Line of latitude, c.23.5° n of the Equator, which marks the n boundary of the tropics. It indicates the farthest n position at which the Sun appears directly overhead at noon. The Sun is vertical over the Tropic of Cancer on about June 21, the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

Tropic of Cancer

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Tropic of Cancer ★★★ 1970 (NC17)

Based on Henry Miller's once banned, now classic novel, this film por trays the sexual escapades of the expatri ate author living in 1920s Paris. Torn stars as the carefree, looseliving writer and Burstyn plays his disgusted wife. 87m/C VHS . Rip Torn, James Callahan, Ellen Burstyn, David Bauer, Phil Brown; D: Joseph Strick.