Stone, I.F.

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STONE, I.F. (Isidore Feinstein ; 1907–1989), U.S. journalist, born in Philadelphia. Stone edited the liberal weekly The Nation, 1940–46. From 1952 until 1971 he published I.F. Stone's Weekly written by himself and noted for its criticism of American society and policy. Regarded as one of the most influential liberal journalists of the postwar period, Stone has been quoted as saying, "If you want to know about governments, all you have to know is two words: governments lie." Originally pro-Israel, he reported the 1948–49 War of Liberation but became hostile after the Six-Day War.

Stone was the author of Business as Usual (1941); Underground to Palestine (1946); This Is Israel (with R. Capa, 1948); The Hidden History of the Korean War (1952); The Truman Era (1953); The Haunted Fifties (1963); In a Time of Torment, 196167 (1967), a collection of pieces from his weekly; Polemics and Prophecies, 19671970 (1970); The Killings at Kent State (1971); The I.F. Stone's Weekly Reader (1973); The War Years 19391945 (1988); and The Trial of Socrates (1988).

[Ruth Beloff (2nd ed.)]