Stephen II, Pope

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Pontificate: March 752, reigned for four days. Stephen, a Roman priest elected to succeed Pope zachary, who died as the Lombard peril neared its crisis in Italy, was installed at the Lateran but died before his episcopal consecration. Since, in the 8th century, consecration was thought to mark the official beginning of a pope's reign, Stephen is not listed among the popes by his contemporaries or by most medieval and modern historians. However, since modern Canon Law holds that a pope's pontificate begins with his election, the Annuario pontificio from 1961 on, took cognizance of Stephen II and renumbered all subsequent popes of this name with alternate numbers, e.g., Stephen's successor is referred to as Stephen II (III). Recent works tend to accept the validity of Stephen's extremely short pontificate but refuse to accept the renumbering of his successors. Despite the adjustments involved in a double set of numbers for popes of this name, there is no doubt that this man who exercised the pontifical power for even so short a time should be recognized by historians as Pope Stephen II (see popes, list of).

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Stephen II, Pope

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