Slucki, Abraham Jacob

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SLUCKI, ABRAHAM JACOB (1861–1918), Hebrew writer. Born in Novogorod Severski, Slucki began publishing articles in Ha-Meliẓ in 1884 and became assistant editor of the periodical during the editorship of the poet Judah Leib *Gordon (1887–88). The continued publication of his articles, even after the termination of his editorial activities, helped make Ha-Meliẓ into a paper of a strong Jewish nationalist character. He was particularly instrumental in disseminating the ideas of Ḥibbat Zion among the Orthodox. His anthology Shivat Ẓiyyon (1–2, 1891, and a few subsequent editions), which was a collection of the writings of the greatest rabbis of the generation favorable to the Jewish national idea, was very influential among these groups. He was among the originators of the idea of *Mizrachi and, together with Isaac *Reines, helped to establish the movement; he even gave it its name. Slucki was murdered in a pogrom in the town of his birth.


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[Yehuda Slutsky]