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SIMONA (sixth century), Babylonian savora. Simona was the head of the Pumbedita academy during the second savoraic generation. He was a contemporary of R. Eina, the head of Sura Academy (Iggeret R. Sherira ed. by Lewin p. 99). The two rabbis were responsible for additional notes to the Talmud (ibid., 71). Seder Tanna'im ve-Amora'im gives the name of Simona's colleague as R. Giza and states: "They (Giza and Simona) did not add to or expand anything, but introduced paragraphing into everything taught." In addition, they divided the discussions in the Talmud according to the individual mishnayot and inserted opening phrases from the Mishnah in the talmudic discussions – a device which is lacking in the Jerusalem Talmud. Seder Tana'im ve-Amora'im praises the two rabbis very highly, saying that "by their merit heaven and earth were created," and with them the activity of the *savoraim ended.

[Arie Strikovsky]