Simeon ben Judah Ha-Nasi

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SIMEON BEN JUDAH HA-NASI (first half of the third century c.e.), the younger son of *Judah ha-Nasi. The Talmud tells that Simeon transmitted traditions to such outstanding contemporary scholars as *Ḥiyya, *Levi, *Bar Kappara, although they apparently did not regard themselves as his pupils (Kid. 33a–b). Similarly, it tells that Judah i, on his deathbed, transmitted to Simeon "The orders of wisdom," when appointing him ḥakham of the yeshivah (Ket. 103b, but see ty Kil. 9:3, 32a, Ket. 12:3, 34d, Gen. R. 101 (100)). The view widely held is that Simeon served in the office of *ḥakham during the whole period that his brother Gamaliel was nasi, as well as in the time of *Judah ii (Nesiah I). Speaking of the great reward of those performing precepts, he said "If a person is rewarded for refraining from partaking of blood (Deut. 12:33), which is repugnant to man, how much more so will he and his future generations be deemed meritorious for refraining from robbery and incest to which men are attracted!" (Mak. 3:15).


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[Israel Burgansky]