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SHION (Heb. שִׁיאוֹן), town belonging to the tribe of Issachar, together with Hapharaim and Anaharath (Josh. 19:19). Eusebius places a village of this name near Mt. Tabor (Onom. 158:13). The suggested identification with the springs called ʿUyūn al-Shaʿīn near Dabbūriyya is doubtful. Some scholars have identified this site with the Sigoph of Soen (according to some Mss.) fortified by Josephus (Wars, 2:573; Life, 188); as, however, nearby Mt. Tabor was certainly included in this fortified line, a fortress at ʿUyūn al-Shaʿīn would have been superfluous and it is preferable to read the names of the fortified place as Sogane (Jos., Life, 265; see *Sogane-Sikhnin).


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[Michael Avi-Yonah]