Shinohara, Makota

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Shinohara, Makota

Shinohara, Makota, Japanese composer and teacher; b. Osaka, Dec. 10, 1931. He was a student of Ikenouchi at the Tokyo National Univ. of Fine Arts and Music (1952–54), of Messiaen at the Paris Cons. (1954–59), of Zimmermann at the Cologne Hochschule für Musik (1962–64), and of Stockhausen in Cologne (1962–65). He then worked at the Univ. of Utrecht electronic music studio (1965–66) and at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Studio in N.Y. (1971–72). After serving as a prof. of Japanese music at McGill Univ. in Montreal (1978), he settled in the Netherlands in 1979 as a composer and teacher.


ORCH.: Solitude (1961); Visione II (1970); Egalisation (1975); Liberation for Strings (1977); Cooperation for 8 Japanese and 8 Western Instrumentalists (1990; rev. version, Zürich, Sept. 16, 1991). CHAMBER : Violin Sonata (1958); 8 pièces concertante for Trumpet and Piano (1959); Obsession for Oboe and Piano (1960); Alternance for 6 Percussionists (1961–62); Consonance for Flute, Horn, Cello, Harp, Vibraphone, and Marimba (1967); Reflexion for Oboe (1970); Rencontre for Percussion and Tape (1972); Tayutai for Koto, Percussion, and Voice (1972); Kyudo for Shakuhachi and Harp (1973); Passage for Stereophonically Amplified Bass Flute (1980; rev. 1986); Play for 9 Winds (1982; rev. 1985); Turns for Chamber Ensemble (1984); Evolution for Cello (1986); Situations for Saxophone and 2 Digital Electric Keyboards (1993). Piano : Undulation A for 1 Piano (1996) and B for 2 Pianos (1997). VOCAL : Personnage for Man’s Voice, Tape, and Optional Pantomime and Color Lighting (1968); Ways of Dreams for Chorus, Japanese Instruments, and Chamber Orch. (1992). OTHER: Tape pieces.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire