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SCHUMACHER, GOTTLIEB ° (1857–1924), architect, cartographer, and archaeologist. Born in Zanesville, Ohio, in his childhood he went to live in the German Templer colony in Haifa. Until 1918 he worked in Haifa as an architect and contractor, building roads, bridges, houses, and also some Jewish settlements. He traveled widely and surveyed the Jaulan (1885) and the Hauran and northern Ajlun (1886) for the Palestine Exploration Fund, and in 1891, the Hauran and Belqa for the Deutscher Palaestinaverein. Every year from 1894 to 1902 he visited parts of Transjordan. He was the first to excavate at Megiddo (1903–05) and worked as well at Baalbek (1903–04) and Samaria (1908).

In 1924 he published a map of Transjordan (Karte des Ostjordanlandes). He also published Tell el-Mutesellim (Ger., 1908), the report on his excavations at Megiddo; Jaulân (Eng., 1888); Across the Jordan (1886); and Northern Ajlûn (1890). The remainder of his notes on Ajlun were published by C. Steuernagel.

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Schumacher, Gottlieb°

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