Schor, Ephraim Solomon (The Elder) ben Naphtali Hirsch

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SCHOR, EPHRAIM SOLOMON (The Elder) BEN NAPHTALI HIRSCH (d. 1633), Polish rabbinical scholar. He was the son-in-law of Saul *Wahl, and legend has it that Saul Wahl married off his young daughter hurriedly to Schor despite the disparity in age to forestall the desire of the king to marry her (Gedullat Sha'ul, ed. by H. Edelmann (1854), 4a–b); there is no historical basis for the legend. Schor belonged to a Moravian family. From 1613 to 1624 he was rabbi of Grodno, then Szczebrzeszyn and Brest-Litovsk, and finally Lublin. In 1618 he was one of the rabbis who signed a takkanah of the *Council of Four Lands. The esteem in which he was held can be gauged from the fact that his haskamah ("approbation") to the Ikkarim of Joseph *Albo with the commentary Eẓ Shatul (Venice, 1618) appears before that of Meir of *Lublin. Schor's fame rests on his Tevu'ot Shor (Lublin, 1615–16), a digest of the Beit Yosef to the Turim in which he adds and comments upon the sources of the Tur of Jacob b. Asher, which are not given in Beit Yosef (Lublin, 1605/6). His responsa and decisions are frequently quoted by his contemporaries. In order to distinguish him from his relative, Alexander *Schor, who also wrote a work under the same title, he is occasionally referred to as "The Elder Tevu'ot Shor." His son jacob, the author of Beit Ya'akov (Venice, 1693), novellae to Sanhedrin, was, like his father, rabbi of Brest-Litovsk.


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Schor, Ephraim Solomon (The Elder) ben Naphtali Hirsch

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