Schop, Johann

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Schop, Johann

Schop, Johann, German instrumentalist and composer; b. place and date unknown; d. Hamburg, 1667. He learned to play the violin, lute, cornett, and trombone. He was a probationary musician (1614–15) and a regular musician (1615) in the Wolfenbüttel Hofkapelle. After serving at the Copenhagen court (1615–19), he became a municipal violinist in Hamburg in 1621. Schop acquired a fine reputation as both an instrumentalist and a composer. He excelled in the composition of both instrumental and vocal works. He had 2 sons who were musicians: Johann Schop (b. Hamburg [baptized], Oct. 5, 1626; d. after 1670), was a violist and composer, and Albert Schop (b. Hamburg [baptized], July 6, 1632; d. after 1670), was a violist and composer.


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—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire