Sbaraglia, Giovanni Giacinto, (Sbaralea)

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Historian, Franciscan Conventual; b. near Forlì, Italy, March 13, 1687; d. Rome, June 2, 1764. His most important historical contribution was his posthumously published 734-page Supplementum to Luke wadding's Scriptores. It lists 3,583 Franciscan authors as opposed to Wadding's list of 1,919. Those authors covered by Sbaraglia but not by Wadding are distinguished by Arabic numerals in the Supplementum. The numerous corrections and additions made by Sbaraglia are more difficult to distinguish. Before its publication, the Supplementum was corrected and edited by other Franciscan Conventuals, William Della Valle, Anthony Contarini, Stephen Rinaldi, and finally Nicholas papini tartagni under the title Supplementum et castigatio ad scriptores Trium Ordinum S. Francisci a Waddingo aliisque descriptos (3v. Rome 1806; 2d ed. Rome 190836). Sbaraglia edited the Bullarium Franciscanum for the years 1218 to 1304 (4 v. Rome 175968). His many unpublished manuscripts include the Chronotaxis Romanorum Pontificum, the Opus miscellaneum, Critica Pagii in Annales Baronii, and Supplementum ad "Italiam Sacram" Ughelli.

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