Satanowski, Marcos

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SATANOWSKI, MARCOS (1893–1957), Argentine jurist. Born in Bahia Blanca, Satanowski graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 1928 and was appointed professor of commercial law. In 1946, he was dismissed by the Perón regime but was reinstated in 1955 and held the chair until his death. He founded and was the first president of the Sociedad Hebraica Argentinea. He published many books on legal and other subjects including El actual Regimen Monetario Argentino (1933) and El Renovado Pueblo de Israel (1954). In 1957 he was involved in a trial for the return of the newspaper La Razón to its former owner, Ricardo Peralta Ramos, from whom it was expropriated by Perón's regime. He was murdered by three assailants, probably in a mission of the Secretaría de Informaciones del Estado – side (National Intelligence Service), while working in his office.