Różewicz, Tadeusz

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RÓŻEWICZ, TADEUSZ (1921– ), Polish poet and dramatist. Born in Radomsko, Różewicz studied art history at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. The terrors of the Nazi occupation dominate Różewicz' earlier verse collections, such as Niepokój ("Anxiety," 1947). Influenced by Ionesco and Beckett as a dramatist, he also produced 15 highly acclaimed plays along with a dozen books of poetry in the modernist manner as well as stories and satires. Among his works translated into English are The Card Index, & Other Plays (1969), Faces of Anxiety: Poems (1969); The Witnesses & Other Plays (1970), The Survivor and Other Poems (1976), Conversation with the Prince: and Other Poems (1982); Mariage Blanc and the Hunger Artist Departs: Two Plays (1983), Forms in Relief and Other Works (1994), Reading the Apocalypse in Bed: Selected Plays and Short Pieces (1998), and Recycling (2001).