Rotem, Cvi

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ROTEM, CVI (Zvi ; Erich Rothmüller ; 1903–1981), journalist and editor. Born in Slavonia (Croatia), Rotem lived in Zagreb. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Wuerzburg, and he studied Judaism in Berlin at the Hochschule fuer Jüdische Wissenschaften; he also completed the Law School of Zagreb University. From his youth on, he occupied leading positions within the Zionist movement and was among the founders of the Radna Palestina (Labor Palestine) organization. He edited various publications, including the "Red Book" of Ha-Shomer ha-Ẓa'ir in 1935. That same year he immigrated to Ereẓ Israel. He first worked as the Haifa bureau chief of the Labor daily, Davar, later moving to Tel Aviv, becoming head of its economic section. He also edited Omer, a vocalized daily journal for new immigrants.

Rotem was among the leaders of Hitaḥdut Olei Yugoslavia (Association of Immigrants from Yugoslavia), editing its Bilten and other publications, including Toledot Yehudei Yugoslavyah. Simultaneously, he acted as correspondent of the Belgrade daily Politika.

Through his extensive writings, Rotem significantly contributed to Yugoslav-Israeli relations. He translated and edited the works of Hinko Gottlieb. He also contributed articles to the first edition of Encyclopaedia Judaica.


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