Ross, Herbert

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ROSS, HERBERT (1925–2001), U.S. dancer, choreographer, and film director. Ross began his career as a dancer and choreographer but after 1969 he became known principally as a film director. He directed such films as Play It Again, Sam and The Owl and Pussycat, and the dance-oriented films The Turning Point (1977), collaborating in its making with his wife, the ballerina Nora *Kaye;Nijinsky (1980); Footloose (1984); Pennies from Heaven (1982); and Dancers (1987). Ross also became an active dance director in theater and television. With his wife, he founded a short-lived company, the Ballet of Two Worlds, for which he created a full-length dramatic ballet, the Dybbuk. Ross created the choreography for various Broadway productions and in Hollywood he directed the musical version of Good-bye Mr. Chips.


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