Romanus, Pope

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Pontificate: July or August to November 897. A Roman priest of the Church of St. Peter in Chains, Romanus became pope amid the disorder following the assassination of Pope stephen vi in 897 and held the see four months. The clergy and people of Rome were torn with strife between the parties who supported the "cadaveric" council held by Stephen in judgment on the corpse of Pope formosus and those who wished to rehabilitate the memory of the ill-fated pontiff. The body of Formosus was rescued from the Tiber and buried, but it was left for the successors of Romanus to restore the remains of the Pope to the tomb in St. Peter's and to revalidate the Orders conferred by him. The successor of Romanus, theodore ii, was pope for only two weeks but in the subsequent pontificate john ix nullified the acts of the council-of-the-corpse.

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