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Popular name for the international College of St. Bonaventure, a Franciscan center of historical research, so called from its location at Quaracchi, a suburb of Florence, Italy. When the college moved from Quaracchi to Grottaferrata, near Rome, in 1971, it took the name with it and is now known as Frati Editori di Quaracchi, Fondazione Collegio San Bonaventura. The college was established in 1877 by Fidelis a Fanna (d. 1881) under the Franciscan Minister General Bernardino del Vago da Portogruaro for the publication of St. Bonaventure's works. After 1881 the project was completed by Ignatius Jeiler (d. 1904) in 10 volumes (18821902). While the work on Bonaventure was going on, the college had already begun work on other Franciscan scholastics. The results were published in the series Bibliotheca franciscana scholastica medii aevi, begun in 1903. At present it contains 27 volumes (Alexander of Hales, Matthew of Aquasparta, Peter Olivi etc.). A more modest series was begun the following year under the title Bibliotheca franciscana ascetica medii aevi, with, at present, 12 volumes. From 1940 to 1966 the college published a critical edition of the writings of Bernardine of Siena in nine volumes. A new series was begun in 1963 under the title Spicilegium bonaventurianum, containing to date 28 volumes. Of special importance in the series are volumes IV and V (19591980), with I. Brady's new edition of Peter Lombard's Sententiae ; and volume XIII, K. Esser's Die Opuscula des hl. Franziskus von Assisi. Neue textkritische Edition (1976). The college also began editing historical writings in 1893 under the title Analecta franciscana. To date 12 volumes have appeared. A quarterly review, the Archivum franciscanum historicum, published its first issue in late 1907, dated to 1908, and has continued since. The college has published much else, and in particular the third edition of Luke Waddings' Annales Minorum, from 1933 to 1964 in 25 volumes. Recently (1999) it began a new series: Collectio Oliviana, devoted to writings of Peter Olivi, with three volumes to date.

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