Purim Meshullash

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PURIM MESHULLASH ("Triple Purim"). As stated in the article on *Purim, Purim is celebrated on the 15th of Adar ("Shushan Purim") in Jerusalem, which "has been a walled city from the days of Joshua ben Nun," whereas elsewhere it is celebrated on the 14th of the month. When, however, the 14th of Adar falls on Friday, the celebration in Jerusalem and other cities said to be "walled cities from the time of Joshua" extends over three days, and is thus called Purim Meshullash. The megillah, the Scroll of Esther, is read on the 14th but the additional prayers for Purim are included in the Sabbath service on the 15th and the haftarah of the previous Sabbath, Shabbat Zakhor (i Sam. 15. 2–34), is repeated. The special festive meal however is held on the Sunday, so as to distinguish it from the normal Sabbath festive meal, and it is on this day gifts are exchanged ("mishlo'aḥ manot," popularly called "shelakhmones") and donations to the poor are made.