Pribram, Alfred Francis

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PRIBRAM, ALFRED FRANCIS (1859–1942), historian and political publicist. Pribram, who was born and died in London, was professor of history at the University of Vienna from 1894 to 1930.

He wrote copiously on 17th-century Austrian history and published scholarly editions of documents on international relations, including the dispatches of Venetian ambassadors to the Court of Vienna. He edited the final volume of Heinrich Friedjung's Das Zeitalter des Imperialismus (3 vols., 1919–22) and, after 1918, contributed to the study of the "war guilt" problem, notably the role of Austria-Hungary, with his Austrian Foreign Policy 1908–1918 (1923). His lectures at Oxford University were published in 1931 as England and the International Policy of the European Great Powers, 1871–1914. His work on the relations between Austria and Britain before World War i appeared in an English translation in 1951 as Austria-Hungary and Great Britain 1908–1914. In 1938 he published Materialien zur Geschichte der Preise und Loehne in Oesterreich. Pribram's contribution to Jewish history was Urkundenund Akten zur Geschichte der Juden in Wien (2 vols., 1918).

[Herbert A. Strauss]