Pontius of Faucigny, Bl.

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Abbot; b. early 12th century; d. Abbey of Sixt, Savoy (now in Switzerland), Nov. 26, 1178. From a noble family of Savoy, Pontius (or Ponce) entered the Abbey of abondance near Chablais as a canon regular of St. Augustine at about 20 years of age. He revised the constitutions of this foundation and was instrumental in the organization of a daughterhouse at Sixt, in Savoy, of which he was made the first abbot (1144). In 1154 he saw to the elevation of the Priory of Entremont to the status of an abbey. After about 26 years at Sixt, Pontius was elected in 1171 to succeed Burchard as abbot of Abondance. The following year he raised Grandval to the rank of an abbey. After a few years he resigned his office and returned to Sixt to die a simple monk. On Nov. 14, 1620, francis de sales, bishop of Geneva, who held the abbot in high esteem, opened his tomb and arranged for the translation of his relics to the abbey church. Pope leo xiii confirmed his cult in 1896.

Feast: Nov. 26.

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