Pirhing, Ehrenreich

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Canonist; b. Sigarthin, Bavaria, Apr. 12, 1606; d. Dillingen, Bavaria, Sept. 15, 1679. He entered the Society of Jesus and taught philosophy, moral theology, Scripture, and Canon Law at Ingolstadt. His classic work Universum jus canonicum secundum titulos Decretalium distributum nova methodo explicatum was written between 1674 and 1677 at Dillingen. An abridged edition of this massive work appeared in 1690 under the title Facilius et succincta sacrorum canonum doctrina. The Venice edition of 1693 was subsequently published under the title Synopsis Pirhingana seu compendiaria S.S. canonum doctrina. Pirhing's method in dealing with the Corpus, in contrast to the purely exegetical method in vogue of treating each title in sequence, was to choose the principal elements and coordinate them into a logical system.

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