Peter González, St.

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Spanish Dominican, patron of sailors; b. Astorgá, Spain, before 1190; d. Túy, Spain, c. 1246. He is called also "St. (T) Elmo" through confusion with Erasmus (see elmo, st.), another patron of sailors. Peter was a worldly young noble of Palencia, educated by an uncle, Bp. Tello of Palencia; but he surrendered his canonry and prospects in order to enter the recently founded dominicans. A great preacher, he became chaplain to King Ferdinand III of Castile and reformed the Castilian court. He advanced the Spanish crusades by his preaching and advice. At cÓrdoba's surrender (1236), he won easier terms for the Muslims. Thereafter Peter evangelized along the coast and in Galicia. Because of his particular concern for sailors, he is pictured carrying a ship. He was buried in Túy cathedral, beatified in 1254, and canonized in 1741.

Feast: April 14.

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