Pepper, Joseph

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PEPPER, JOSEPH (1904–?), British meteorologist. Born in London, Pepper began work at the Meteorological Office, then under the supervision of the Air Ministry, in 1932. During the 1930s and World War ii, he served as a meteorologist and weather forecaster in the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy in various parts of the world, including the Atlantic Ocean, Cyprus, and Singapore. He published research on the winds of the North Atlantic Ocean and, while engaged in various other tasks, began writing a work on climatic conditions in various parts of the world, together with an analysis of information gathered during the 1940s and the early 1950s on the Antarctic region. One result of this work was his book, The Meteorology of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies 1944–1950 (1954). Before his retirement from government service Pepper prepared a comprehensive work on the rules of forecasting. He subsequently taught at the Central London Polytechnic.

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