Pardo, Moses ben Raphael

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PARDO, MOSES BEN RAPHAEL (d. 1888), rabbi and rabbinical emissary. Pardo was born in Jerusalem. After serving as rabbi in Jerusalem for many years, he left the city in 1870, traveling to North Africa on a mission on behalf of Jerusalem. On his return trip in 1871 he stopped at Alexandria and accepted an offer to serve as the rabbi of the Jewish community there, a post which he retained until his death. Pardo was the author of Hora'ah de-Veit Din (Izmir, 1872), on divorce laws; Shemo Moshe (ibid., 1874), responsa; and Ẓedek u-Mishpat (ibid., 1874), novellae to Ḥoshen Mishpat.


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Pardo, Moses ben Raphael

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