Papadopoulos, Chrysostomos

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Orthodox archbishop, ecclesiastical historian; b. Madytos, eastern Thrace, July 1, 1868; d. Athens, Oct. 28, 1938. After earlier training at Constantinople, Jerusalem, and Smyrna he studied theology at the University of Athens (188991) and at the ecclesiastical academies of Kiev (189193) and St. Petersburg (189395). From 1895 until 1909 he taught at the theological School of the Cross in Jerusalem, where he was ordained and was made an archimandrite (1900). After two years spent in parish work in Alexandria (190911), he acted as director of the Rizarion Seminary in Athens (191123) and also as professor of ecclesiastical history at the University (191423). The Holy Synod elected him archbishop of Athens and of all Greece (1923). Papadopoulos published numerous articles on ecclesiastical history, his principal scholarly interest, and also many on ethics. He wrote also a history of the Oriental patriarchates and a history of the Greek and Slavic Orthodox Churches. He influenced deeply the cultural and political life of Greece between World Wars I and II. He favored the ecumenical movement, but showed slight sympathy for Catholics of the Greek rite.

Bibliography: Biography and complete list of his works in Enaisima (miscellanea in his honor), ed. g. papamichail (Athens 1931); and in Theologia 16 (1938) 369408; 17 (1939) 257272. h. pierre, "L'union de l'Orient avec Rome," Orientalia Christiana 18.1 (1930) 5165, correspondence between P. Ch. and the Catholic exarch of Greece, George Calavassy. j. salaville, Catholicisme 2:111617.

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Papadopoulos, Chrysostomos

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